Hanna, here!

I am the owner of Venla’s, and have been decorating cakes of all kinds for the last ten years. I’m a Pastry Grad of Schoolcraft College (the Ocelots!), and have always felt in my element when in the kitchen. When my birthday rolls around, most folks assume that I don’t want a birthday cake. You don’t understand. My profession has not dulled my love for cake. My love for cake was so strong, that I made it my profession.

At Venla’s, we produce outrageous, delicious cake – artistically formed for YOU! We long for the people of Detroit to enjoy truly delectable cake that looks damn good. Our menu features several tailored products, that allow for customization but still follow in the direction of our expertise. Need something fabulous for your next celebration? Don’t sweat it, trust us! Cake is our thing.