Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these tidbits answer your questions! If not, shoot us a message at hello@venlasdetroit.com.

We require one full week of notice for all orders. You’ll find that you can book a delivery date and time at the checkout page here on our website. Our booking calendar is always up to date – therefore if a day cannot be selected, it is unavailable. As a Cottage Operation, we do not take payment at the initial checkout. So reserve early! And pay later!

At the checkout page, you’ll be prompted to enter a delivery address. You can also choose an available delivery date and time. We deliver approximately 15 miles from NW Detroit in all directions.

If your address defaults to “Local Delivery” upon entry, we’ll come right to your door! If your address defaults to “Local Pickup” instead, we’ll reach out to propose a meeting place that sits approximately 15 miles in your direction from NW Detroit.

The Venla’s household is fully vaccinated! We are now going mask-less during cake deliveries. If you would prefer we wear a mask while delivering, please mention this during email correspondence – happy to do it. 

We always follow strict ServSafe food safety guidelines when creating your items. Our staff will stop all production at the first sign of any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, to acquire proper testing. 

Although our products offer customizable options, we are not a custom cakery. Therefore, Venla’s does not create items such as fondant sculptures, characters, etc. We feel that sticking to our niche allows us to provide the most beautiful and intentional products possible. Venla’s is committed to this model – we cannot do special favors for folks here and there, as we want to treat all patrons equally.

Generally your cake should be placed in refrigeration. Remove your cake from the fridge, to room temperature – a good three hours before consumption. This will allow for the buttercream to become soft for eating. A Venla’s cake eats well for up to five days when stored correctly.

The above instructions apply for vegan cakes too!

Our classic buttercream does not eat best when right out of the fridge – because it contains so much butter, and butter remains in a firm state when cold.

Yes! Our wedding offerings are more non-traditional, as we still make only the products listed here on our website. We do not create cakes larger than two tiers, and do not offer any fondant work. We also do not provide cake stand rental, however will place wedding florals on your cake(s) for no additional charge. 

If you are booking cakes for a wedding on our website, and do not see a delivery time that works for your event – please feel free to reach out at hello@venlasdetroit.com

We are fully committed to supporting the LGBTQ+ community as a wedding vendor. On the contrary, we do not wish to serve our cake at venues or with other vendors who do not also support inclusion and love for all people.

Not yet! This means all of our cake orders are on a delivery or pickup basis. We currently operate under the Cottage Law of Michigan, baking from home. Regardless of not yet having a commercial facility, our products and standards are too legit to quit. 

Venla’s accepts the following forms of payment: Venmo, PayPal, a credit or debit card, and cash. No checks please! Payment details will be provided to you in a follow-up email, after your order has been placed. 

We do not currently offer allergen-free menu items. As Venla’s operates under the Cottage Law of Michigan, this model is advised to not assure that foods are free of common allergens such as gluten and dairy. A label of ingredients and allergens is included with every product order. 

Yes! Our vegan cakes are created entirely of vegan products, down to the sprinkles. We do stress that this option cannot be labeled as free of the dairy allergen, simply because our vegan ingredients may be stored with non-vegan ingredients.

Yes! We frequently take part in local fundraising events, silent auctions, etc. Please send your donation requests to hello@venlasdetroit.com 

Additionally, a portion of Venla’s monthly sales goes to local organizations making a positive impact in Detroit. If you know of a group that is in need of support or resources, send us an email.

Hanna, here! Venla was my grandmother (my dad’s mom). Venla is a Finnish name. She was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1928. She raised five sons and one daughter, was considered legally blind from a young age – and therefore couldn’t drive. Venla didn’t make cake. However, her plant collection always thrived. She was never concerned with being “proper”. Venla passed some years ago, and had no idea that I would ever make cake in her name. 

The cost of delivery is included in our original pricing, no extra charge!

At this time, we do not ship. Venla’s is looking into shippable products for the future. However, it is simply difficult to ship decorative cake (we’re sad about it too).